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Why Awnings are Must Have this Summer

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Awnings are a gamechanger. Why? Picture this… It’s 35 degrees, the humidity is at 95% and you can feel the sweat rolling down your back with a shudder, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Installing a new awning helps protect you and your family against the elements, much like a covered deck or patio area, but with more flexibility.

Before we get into why awnings are so essential this summer, let’s take a look at what they are and what types of awnings are available at Factory Direct Shutters.

What Are Awnings?

Awnings are a protective covering over your doors and windows. They are not a fixed, full-construction like a roof or ceiling, but a quicker installation, which offers coverage over doors and windows.

Awnings are made from different materials like PVC, canvas, metal and wood, and heavy duty screens. They also come in permanent structures which stays in the same position permanently or they can be retractable where the awning can be rolled up or retracted during times when a protection over the door or window is not needed. Automation is popular for awnings too making them even more functional.

Different Types of Awnings 

Whether your entry way needs shelter from the elements or you want to add a design feature to your home, Factor Direct Shutters offers a broad range of styles and options to suit your budget and requirements. An outline of our range of awnings is provided below.

Traditional Awnings

Traditional Awnings optimise sun protection and privacy with a stylish and versatile finish. Our Fairfield Awnings make an excellent choice for ground-floor windows as their close-fitting design optimises the benefits of sun protection for you and your valuable carpets, curtains and furniture. And they provide plenty of privacy too. They are highly functional with shade adjustment and can be rolled neatly into their head box when the sun goes down. Our range of traditional awnings come with a 10-year fabric warranty and a five-year paint and component warranty.

Traditional Awnings are available Pivot Arm awnings, Auto-Lock Awnings and Cord and Reel Awnings.

Pivot Arm Awnings

awnings come with crank operation, 5-sided tube and spring-loaded pivot arms as standard and you can enhance them with options such as internal cord-lock, motorisation and sun or wind sensors, or both.


Auto-Lock Awnings

These outdoor types of awnings are manually adjusted by hand or by pull stick. This type of awning include stainless steel, self-locking arms and guide rails ideal for coastal locations, as well as a head box to enhance the aesthetics of this highly functional awning.

Cord and Reel Awnings

These awnings come with standard cord-and-reel operation or a crank tape coiler for internal or second-storey installations. Cord and Reel Awnings are available with standard 19x19 arms or spring-loaded arms that tension the fabric to minimise its movement in wind.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are fantastic for providing shade and protection over large outdoor areas like pools, entertaining areas, alfresco and patio areas. When they’re not in use the shade awnings can retract back and out of the way. They can be motorised for extra ease, and come in a large range of acrylic fabrics with plain and modern patterns to choose from. All of our Folding Arm Awnings come with a five-year warranty and our qualified tradespeople will fully install them. 


Louvre Awnings

Our attractive Louvre Awnings deflect up to 90% of the heat from your windows and protect your privacy, airflow and view in one efficient addition. Reduction in heat from windows can markedly improve both your lifestyle and your energy costs.

Our Paddington Aluminium Louvre Awnings provide a stylish, modern finish to your home and come in a range of standard or custom powder-coated colours. They come with a five-year warranty.

Check out our full Awnings and Outdoor Blinds range now.

Why Install Awnings?

In Queensland awnings can make the difference between comfort and major discomfort at home in Summer, while significantly reducing energy costs from running fans or air conditioners. In Winter awnings can help keep the cold out and the warmth in too, especially if your window coverings are sparse.

Awnings offer a range of different practical and aesthetic uses too. When an awning is installed to protect a window or door, it’s usually to block out sunlight or harsh weather elements. Awnings over windows or doors help to out block heat and preserve damage from UV light on the interior and your furnishings such as carpet and sofa upholstery, adding years’ more life to them. They also help to keep the windows cool in the hot summer months which decreases wear and tear.

Awnings are as decorative as they are practical. Many people install awnings to provide a sophisticated or a cosy cottage feel to their home. They are created to match the exterior of your home and can dramatically enhance visual curb appeal too. Larger awnings can be placed over patios and decks, and the retractable awnings can be rolled up and tucked away when a barrier from the sun or other weather elements is not needed. Awnings add a safe place to hang out, creating an escape from harsh weather like Queensland’s extreme UV rates. They are perfect for barbecues and outdoor dining.

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With so many benefits and options to make your home and outdoor areas feel great while offering protection, now’s the best time to get your outdoor awning or blind designed and installed.

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