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What Else Can You Use on Your Sliding Doors Instead of Vertical Blinds?

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We’ve all found ourselves tangled up in the various parts of vertical blinds or wrestling them to get outside quickly or visa versa. They’re dated, break easily, sway when you move the door or window and are horrible to keep clean. While it was once hard to find window treatments for sliding doors that allow enough coverage and make it possible to open and close sliding doors, there’s now quite a few more options available, which make a powerful design statement too. One of the best options for covering sliding doors are plantation shutters. They look sophisticated, allow adjustable light and breeze flow, and they last for eons, no matter how much you use your door. No trips, no tangles, no irritating flapping noise with the breeze, and no flashbacks to the 80s!

Plantation Shutters Cover Sliding Doors Better Than Vertical Blinds

Louvered shutters are fixed to the wall around your sliding door or are affixed to your opening<>closing doors and never move. Even when you open the door, your shutters will keep the glass covered as you slide the door back in place. By comparison vertical blinds hang from a track, and sway and swing every time you move them, creating jangling noises and potential for wear and tear. If you have a sliding glass door, the sturdy panels of shutters slide back and forth along a track. Either way, the more solid materials don’t bend or break, so you there’s no gaps possible compared with when a vertical blind fixture breaks creating an eyesore and ruining privacy or light blockage. When plantation shutters are installed on sliding doors, no one can see in so long as you have the panels and louvers closed. It also blocks out the sunlight and any harsh weather conditions such as strong wind or cold air.

Interior Shutters last longer Than Verticals

Window treatments on a sliding door need to withstand a lot of activity and the elements such as sun, cold and heat, plus the usual wear and tear from using them. This makes  stronger interior shutters a better option than vertical blinds. Their thick, solid louvers don’t flex or break apart from regular use or when your family members and pets knock into them. If you’re worried about the cold, heat, sun, or other weather elements negatively impacting them, then check out our Vivace Internal Aluminium Shutters. These lockable, cyclone rated shutters will last decades no matter how much traffic goes through the doors. They still provide the stunning traditional plantation shutter look and are available in a range of matt-finish colours. You can also add insect screens to further enhance the functionality of your aluminium shutters for all climates.

Shutters Are More Elegant and Timeless Than Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have been around for ages and no longer fit with modern décor which prefers natural materials and connecting the outdoors with the indoors. They can take us back to 80s and 90s corporate offices and many are made from flimsy, cheap looking materials. While interior shutters have been around for more than 500 years there’s a reason for that –

they have a timeless elegance, which suits all types of aesthetic. Check out our blog on the Ancient Origins of Plantation Shutters for more information. Match other wood tones in your home with classic hardwood shutters or check out the range of colour schemes to fit well with your design style.

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Shutters Insulate Your Screen Doors Better Than Vertical Blinds

Sliding doors pose a problem for energy efficiency in houses. Their large areas of glass magnify the sun’s heat and warm up your house in summer. At the same time, cold drafts can sneak in around their frame in winter. Both issues drive up your energy costs as your heating and cooling system works overtime to maintain a consistent temperature inside.

The Vertical Blind slats don’t fit tightly against each other or the door frame to block heat and cold like shutters can. Alto Polyresin shutters and others in our range can block a significant amount of temperature transfer when closed. They include weatherstripping that keeps out most drafts, and their louvers block out harmful and harsh UV rays when closed.

Looking for Alternatives to Vertical Blinds for Your Sliding Door? 

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