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Transform Your Pool Deck into a Relaxing, Resort-Style Oasis

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As the weather steadily warms towards summer, the backyard swimming pool is likely becoming a favoured locale for weekend relaxation and after-work dips. Swimming features heavily in Australian culture, so our love affair with backyard pools should be no surprise. A recent survey by Roy Morgan indicated 18 to 20 per cent of Queenslanders had a pool at home, and numbers are increasing.

To make the most of this important feature during the summer months, it makes sense to invest in optimising your poolside space. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of transforming your backyard pool into a tropical resort-style oasis, here are some ideas to get you started.

Add Some Greenery for a Tropical Feel

A splash of luscious greenery can transform your poolside into a delightful resort-inspired oasis, perfect for whiling away those warm summer days. Before you head to the nursery, though, it’s a good idea to do some research on the best types of plants to put next to a pool.

Low maintenance varieties are perfect, particularly those hardy enough to withstand an occasional splash of chlorinated water. Also, you’ll want to avoid any plants likely to drop copious leaves into the pool, or those with invasive root systems that could damage the pool structure.

Succulents work well, provided they don’t have spikes that can catch unwary swimmers by surprise if they brush too close. Ornamental grasses can also create a visually striking statement next to pools. Vines are useful for creating green privacy screens, and can be trained to climb nearby fences or walls.

Create Atmosphere with Strategic Outdoor Lighting

Carefully curated poolside lighting adds a new level of ambience and creates opportunities to enjoy balmy summer evenings by the pool. Underwater pool lights make the pool itself a night-time focal point and invite regular evening swims.

Consider LED feature lighting to illuminate selected plants or architectural features around the pool area. High-quality tiki torches can introduce a festive vibe befitting summer evening barbeques and social gatherings.

Include Some Comfortable Seating Options

No resort-style pool makeover is complete without some comfortable outdoor couches, sun lounges or beanbags to relax on in between swims. A multitude of stylish outdoor furnishings are available to complement your poolside space, depending on your budget and design preferences.

Optimise Your Poolside Shade to Stay Cool All Day Long

While it’s nice to catch some rays on the pool deck from time to time, a little shade is also required to temper the Queensland summer heat. Strategic planting is one way to achieve this – adding shade trees to the pool surrounds will help to create a shadow where it’s needed.

If you don’t like the idea of leaves falling in the pool or would rather not to wait for trees to grow, however, you can customise your poolside shade with large umbrellas or awnings.

Folding arm awnings are a great option for covering large outdoor living spaces. Typically mounted on the side of a building or the edge of a roofline, these awnings feature a retractable fabric roof system. They can be motorised or operated manually, and each awning comfortably covers an area up to 6.5 metres wide by 4 metres deep.

Our folding arm awnings can be customised in a wide range of acrylic fabrics and colours to suit your home. All come with a generous five-year warranty and professional installation, for your peace of mind. Contact us for advice on the best awnings to shade your pool area.

Create a Seamless Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Poolside alfresco living spaces are lovely when the weather is balmy and the insects aren’t on a rampage, but you sometimes need a little extra protection from the elements to ensure year-round comfort.

Zipscreens can be the perfect way to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. These zip-up blinds are available in a variety of fabrics, from shade-cloth to complete block-out, mesh, or industrial-strength PVC. They can fully enclose your alfresco spaces when required, or be partially lowered for selective glare reduction at certain times of the day.

A perfect complement to our idyllic Queensland climate, Zipscreens can also be fully motorised for an added touch of luxury. The mesh or shade-cloth options won’t block your views, so you can still enjoy the poolside ambience while staying relatively cool, comfy and bug-free in your enclosed outdoor living space.

All our zipscreens come with a five-year warranty and professional installation. To learn more about your options for optimising alfresco living spaces, get in touch online or give us a call on 1300 077 125. Our experienced team will be happy to bring the mobile showroom to you and help you select the best solutions for your home.