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THREE Reasons Custom Window Coverings are Better than Out of the Box

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When you are looking for new window treatments, are custom-made shutters and blinds better than off the shelf packaged products? While it’s easy to pop into a shop and pick up a cheap and cheerful DIY pack, how do you know if they’re going to fit perfectly and be made from materials that are of excellent quality and durability? Installing out of the box ‘one size fits all’ window shutters or blinds maybe easy, but that’s where their advantages end. Instead, it’s worthwhile investing in custom window treatments that fit correctly, look elegant and timeless and won’t break in a week.

1. Custom Window Coverings Last Longer Than Pre-Packed

Custom window treatments not only look better than ready-made products, they last longer too. Cheaply made aluminium or vinyl store-bought window blinds bend or snap easily, leaving holes that make them useless. With inferior quality materials they also quickly fade in the sun and look unsightly.

Premium products like Alto Polyresin Shutters last much longer. Their solid slats don’t bend or break from everyday use and won’t fade either. Their solid faux wood panels and louvers resist damage from extreme temperatures, moisture, UV rays, and pests. You can put them in any room of the house, and they’ll work and look perfect for decades.

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2. Custom Shutters and Blinds Look Better Than Store-Bought Products

Custom blinds are a beautiful option for internal decor. Whether it’s shutters, roller blinds, panel glide blinds, roman blinds or others, customised window coverings can do more than just filter light and provide privacy, they should also add enhance the style to your home. Off the shelf blinds can only go so far in adding style as they will not be so well fitted to your window or door frame. Custom window treatments look better on your windows because they fit perfectly, and their high-quality materials, hand-chosen colours, and finishes make them look modern and high quality.

Out of the box window treatments tend to use poor quality materials and come in stock standard colours and styles. They are mainly made to be easily replaceable and are not built to last. Instead, it’s best to have custom window treatments installed as statement pieces which enhance your windows and living space. Custom-made wood blinds and shutters, faux-wood window treatments, and interior shutters come in beautiful, classic finishes which can match your decor and make your home feel stylish and stand out. They can also give your decor an eye-catching accent with colourful custom window shades that make a statement.

3. Custom Window Covers are Better for Odd Shaped Windows

Window coverings for unusually shaped windows or doors should block excessive sunlight and keep people from looking into your home. To do that, they need to fit your windows really well. Often, store-bought window treatments come in just a few standard sizes that fit best on a completely rectangular standard window. This tends to mean they either don’t cover your windows properly as they are either leave gaps or over-hang past the edges, looking irregular and not working well.

Real wood and faux wood interior shutters are installed with a frame around your window to ensure they always fit your windows and doors properly. The louvered panels fit within this frame to cover your window fully when closed. Premium products like Adagio Timber Shutters and Vivace Internal Aluminium Shutters offer excellent craftsmanship that ensures all parts work together to minimise any gaps when you close them. Custom shutters can also be fabricated to fit specialty window shapes. If you have a circular, arched, or octagon window, you can order shutters that match its form and remain functional. You won’t find pre-made treatments in any of these shapes!

What’s the Process?

For custom window treatments, products are hand-made to fit the exact dimensions. Our window installer will measure your windows for the shutter, blind or other covering to be made. This way, your custom-made blinds, and shutters fit perfectly within the window area, allowing for correct coverage. This also provides the opportunity for our specialists to help you tailor the right colour, material and covering to suit your home.

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