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Six Simple Updates to Transform your Home for the New Year

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We all love to set intentions for ourselves when a new year rolls in, but how does 2023 look for your house and home? Here are some quick tips and tricks to get you thinking about updating your space for added comfort, style and efficiency for the year ahead.

1. Declutter!

If you’ve succumbed to or been curious about the Marie Kondo phenomenon, you may be aware that the first step to getting clarity around your home space and any updates you may want to bring in for 2023, is to declutter your home. Marie is a renowned “tidying expert” helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. Removing those items which have been lying around for months (or years!) barely touched; tidying up shelf and storage spaces and reminding yourself of the most cherished areas of your home is a great way to plan for minor changes or a full renovation.

2. Introduce a flexible, stylish outdoor shade solution to maximise the use of your yard, patio or pool area 

During these hot summer days, the fresh breeze in the backyard or the crystal clear waters of the pool feel like great places to be – but how best to create a comfortable, convenient outdoor setting while staying sun smart and cool? Folding Arm Awnings are a chic and stylish option to offer plenty of shade to kick back under in your outdoor spaces, with a convenient fold away function. Neatly folding away against your home, these durable awnings stay out of the potential damage of strong winds or perpetual sunshine, while effortlessly folding out in an instant to allow you to enjoy a shady summer afternoon.

3. Splash out on bathroom updates

Bathroom trends in 2023 are all about escaping the busy world outside and bringing spa-like serenity into your home. Whether you’re planning a full renovation, or simply looking to bring an elegant finishing touch to the sleek lines of an existing bathroom, carefully selected window coverings are key to that balance of exquisite peace and privacy. We love bathroom window roller blinds which offer the flexibility to be rolled up to create a bright and airy space, or rolled down to create your own private sanctuary.

4. Transform your home into a smart, energy efficient space with automated window coverings

With rising energy bills and an increasing focus on sustainability in all aspects of our day to day lives, looking at how we can design our homes in a more connected and energy efficient way, is becoming the new norm in 2023. If you’re looking for convenience, quality and reliability, Factory Direct’s automation solutions won’t fail to impress and bring your home into a sleek and efficient 2023. We have the widest range of motorised, automated or mechanical blinds, awnings and shutters available on the market – simply get in touch to find out how you can automate and control your home’s internal environment at the push of a button.

5. Add balcony blinds for balanced indoor – outdoor living

Love relaxing on your balcony but looking for a little extra privacy? Or perhaps your balcony becomes less appealing on those wild, stormy or bright, sunny days when exposed to the elements? Balcony blinds are a seamless solution to add privacy, weather protection and contemporary style to your outdoor space. Paired with luxe outdoor lighting for those darker days, balcony blinds create a cosy, sheltered al fresco setting for dinner parties and quiet relaxation.

6. Install plantation shutters for that Hamptons Style vibe

Did you know that plantation shutters are such a desirable look and feature in a property, they can increase the value and appeal of your home? Instantly transform your windows and interiors with the bright, airy look and feel of crisp white shutters; all while offering effortless privacy and security. We make-to-measure all of our shutters to fit your door and window spaces seamlessly, and with a specially selected range available for both indoor and outdoor solutions, speaking to one of our experts is the best way to establish your needs and transform your living space.

Book your obligation free in-home consultation, measure and quote

Whether you’re looking to do a full renovation on your home in 2023, or simply looking to beautify select spaces indoors or outdoors, we would love to help.  Contact us for an obligation free in-home consultation, measure and quote. Our mobile showroom will come to you and one of our expert consultants will be happy to talk you through the latest trends and offer some great advice and solutions for your space.