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Six Reasons to Install Security Screens in Your Home

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Installing security screen windows and doors in your home is an ideal way to deter would-be thieves from breaking in and ensuring the property and what is inside it are protected. When it comes to having a safe and secure home, doors and windows are often a weak point of entry that intruders will try to break through, so it’s worthwhile investing in strengthening your security. Gone are the days of bulky and ugly black grills, today there are many colour match options available, which will blend seamlessly with your house’s colour scheme and even add value to the property. In this blog we take a look at six reasons you should install security screens in your home.

1. Better Security

Increased security of your home is the number one reason it’s worth installing security screens in your home. While screen doors are more expensive than your average door, the added protection it provides is worth every cent, especially for those living alone. Added security is gained due to the choice of materials used such as ultra strong steel, which is typically much more difficult to breakthrough than a regular door. Secure, non-removable hinges and robust frames are also a factor making security screens superior compared with flimsy fly screens or nothing at all.

Installing security window and door coverings helps to provide peace of mind that your family and belongings are well protected. Security screens greatly help to deter thieves who may be looking at your property to target it. Security mesh cannot be cut or pried open to enter and with visibility from the outside, security screens reduce the the likelihood of your home being robbed.


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2. Enhance First Impressions 

Boosting first impressions in the home is important and your front door tends to be the first thing people notice. Why not install an attractive security screen door to add some colour and style to your home? This small detail can make a big impact. Look for security screens that suit your home’s current colour scheme and design, while adding strength and protection to your home.

3. Increase Property Value

Installing security screen windows and doors is a wonderful way to add value to your home, making it more desirable to potential buyers if selling in the future. With custom made options to match your home’s existing design and colour scheme, security screens not only add a level of protection but also excellent kerb appeal. If you are considering selling your home in the future, investing in security screens can make the entrance of your home look more spectacular and appealing to potential buyers and visitors alike.

4. More Privacy

Security screens are also worth installing because of their ability to provide better privacy. Security screen mesh can be fabricated in a way to reduce or up your level of privacy, depending on your needs and preferences. The design of the mesh also makes it harder for passers-by to see inside the property, which ensures you get an uninterrupted view of the outside, whilst keeping away from the prying eyes of others inside.

5. Greater Comfort 

The wire mesh design of security screens provides an excellent flow of fresh air for your home, which is vital for preventing mould and flushing stale air from rooms. People gain tremendously from being able to breathe fresh air without risking security and safety. And if you need to leave the house, you’re able to leave windows and doors open to provide a breeze without the security concerns.

People thrive in homes which allow natural light and fresh air to flow too. Sometimes due to crime rates or concerns over personal safety it’s getting harder to leave doors and windows open, unless there are security screens are installed. Security screens on windows and doors therefore make it possible open up your home and let natural light flow, creating a more spacious and comfortable feeling to your surroundings without the worry of intruders.

6. Keep the Insects and Debris Out

There’s nothing worse than the high pitched whine of a mozzie in your ear or the ongoing itch once stung. And once insects get into your home, it’s hard to get them out! By installing security screens in your home, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, keeping insects out while allowing a breeze to flow through and plenty of natural light. As well as keeping insects and bugs out, fly screen security doors and security windows help keep debris like leaves, sand and rubbish out of the home.

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Whether it’s to improve the appearance of your home, to keep insects out while allowing breeze to flow or for enhanced security, installing security screens will be money well spent. The ability to have peace of mind and guard against intruders, while also adding value to your home make security screens a wonderful addition to your property.

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