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Make Your Café Comfy with Zipscreens

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Zipscreens are the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window and make a perfect addition to Queensland’s outdoor café scene, protecting customers and staff from the elements and creating inviting and structured spaces.

Beautifully suited for alfresco dining areas where exposure to sun, wind and rain could ruin an outing, zipscreens offer privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects and can be installed in areas like pergolas, verandas, and balconies and other outdoor dining environments.

Zipscreens have been around for about 30 years and are the ultimate in outdoor living with sophisticated, secure and durable outdoor shade and weather protection solutions.

Bring the outdoors in or the indoors out

Our Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme range of outdoor blinds are the perfect complement for outdoor dining in cafes and restaurants in Queensland’s idyllic climate.

These zip-up blinds create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces creating an indoor feel to the outdoors or visa versa when the screens are fully opened.

Zipscreens keep the insects and harsh Queensland weather elements at bay by fully enclosing your outdoor café, restaurant or home entertaining areas to provide privacy, comfort and usability all year round.

To suit your commercial or home décor and space, there are ample fabric options, with a variety of shade-cloth colours, blockout screens for complete privacy, mesh or industrial-strength PVC that enables a completely clear outlook. The blinds are modern and can be fully motorised for easy and quick use too – perfect for when the weather turns quickly and you want to protect your customers or household.

Our Zipscreen and Zipscreen Extreme range comes with a five-year warranty and our expert tradespeople will fully install them for you.

Benefits of Zipscreens

Outdoor Comfort in all Weather Conditions

Well-designed for our way of life in Queensland, Zipscreens provide protection and privacy from the sun, wind, rain and insects making it easier for customers to stay outdoors at your outdoor café or restaurant, even if the weather turns.

Whether used in open alfresco dining areas, pergolas, veranda or balcony areas, Zipscreens are tough and attractive and can be custom-made to fit your space. Zipscreens are super secure, and also provide supply a greater insect free environment to rest and relax in.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Zipscreens can enhance the design aesthetic of any café space, home or office area, defining outdoor areas and increasing your entertaining space, virtually extending indoor spaces outside.

Zipscreens provide a refined external finish to any window or door with the zip fusing into the material of the blind panels, which makes them far less clunky than other outdoor blind options.

Custom-built to suit your needs

Zip screen blinds are customized and may settle into a least of 3 different sizes of balconies and windows in your house.

Other Benefits of Zipscreens:

  • they’re insect and bug proof
  • zip features embedded with the fabrics to close off areas, stay taut and don’t pull out, billow or flap in the breeze
  • They’re stylish and functional
  • They’re perfect for cafes and restaurants, home patio areas, alfresco dining spaces, decks and balconies.

Whether you’re improving your café or restaurant’s outdoor area or your home, zipscreens make it easy to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably with accessible, stylish and functional tailor-made solutions.

We’ll bring our showroom to you!

Our Factory Direct mobile experts bring the showroom to you for advice on what zipscreen would be best for your space. Contact us or phone 1300 077 125 now for a free measure and quote.

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