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How You Can Save Money by Installing Shutters or Blinds

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Your windows and glass doors are the weak link in winter and during the summer months. While these fixtures allow us to have air and light flow, they’re estimated to be responsible for up to 30% of heat loss in winter and on the flipside account for 40% of heat retention in summer. And so it’s worth giving your windows some attention to save yourself both the hassle of continually needing to crank th heating or air-conditioning, and a significant amount of money.

Why Choose Shutters or Blinds?

Shutters and blinds are by far the most superior choice in helping you save money through reduced energy consumption. During the colder months, your window dressings can act as insulation that stops warm air from escaping, while in the unbearable heat of summer, shutters and blinds can be adjusted to decrease the amount of solar radiation pouring in through your windows, making a significant impact on cooling down your house. It’s a win<>win for your household budgets as well as a stylish addition to your living spaces.

Getting The Most Energy-Saving Benefits from Your Shutters or Blinds

Simply choosing this method of window dressing is already a great start, but there are a few additional ways in which you can maximize the overall benefits of your new shutters and blinds.

Colour Counts. Get it right!

Choosing the right colour is important not just because of the aesthetic importance. Dark colours attract the sun, while light colours reflect those solar rays, so if keeping the heat out is the main purpose of your shutters or blinds, opt for the latter.

Correct Measurements are Vital

Measuring correctly is vitally important for making a positive impact on heat or cool temperature control in your home. The tightness between the covering and window can dramatically impact how efficient your blinds or shutters are in saving energy. Getting a professional in to handle installation is highly recommended as they can make sure it’s tightly fitted and therefore able to provide the best insulation possible.

You don’t have to keep your windows blacked out all year round

The great thing about shutters and blinds is that you can adjustment them to let light in as you prefer, so it never has to feel like your home is in a permanent state of darkness, unless you like it like that!

To fully optimize heat-reflection during hotter months though, it is recommended to keep your windows protected during the late morning and early evening. You can also tackle the sun at its peak problem points by closing shutters and blinds on east-facing windows in the morning, and west-facing windows in the afternoon and evening.

Fabric Thickness Counts

The thickness of your fabric blinds such as roller blinds, panel glide blinds, roman blinds and can also drive down your energy costs. Ranging from translucent through to three fold and full block out, the denser your fabric weave, the more insulation you'll achieve from hot and cold weather conditions.

Double layer blinds with one layer of block out for night time use and one translucent layer for day time use also provide a clever and attractive option providing you with the ultimate sun and heat control.

Are you ready to keep cosy or cool and save money with shutters or blinds to suit your home? 

Install quality blinds and/or shutters in your home and discover the incredible difference they can make.

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