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Enhancing Privacy and Security with Shutters and Blinds

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Whether you’re out of the house for hours, days or weeks installing shutters, blinds or other window coverings completely blocks anyone from seeing the interior of your home while it’s empty. With no visible glass to break and unable to see what's behind the blinds, potential intruders will be deterred and more likely look elsewhere.

Installing tough crimsafe style security doors and screens also makes it harder for people to peer inside, protecting your privacy and stopping thieves from seeing your valuables or checking to see if your home is occupied or not.

We take a look at how shutters, blinds and other window coverings can enhance privacy and security, not just from thieves, but from harsh weather too.

Outdoor Shutters are Good for Security

Outdoor shutters not only provide an extra barrier to your house, they're also a huge deterrent for break ins. Trying to break through a shutter is not quick or easy and chances are intruders will be heard trying to get through the wood.

Shutters are an ideal and elegant window covering for privacy during the day and at night. These timeless window coverings have adjustable louvre blades can be positioned to provide the best control of light, visibility and refreshing breezes.

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Block it all Out with Roller Shutters 

Installing roller shutters increases your security considerably, turning your windows from viewpoints into your home to fully concealed areas. Traditionally your windows are a weak point and common choice of entry for thieves, but installing roller blinds acts as a major deterrent. As security shutters, they are made with a double-walled cavity and enhanced strengthening processes in their design and manufacture. Tough and opaque fabric roller blinds will give you privacy during the day as well protection from the heat and glare. Not only can they provide total privacy and enhanced security, they also offer great insulation and other protection from weather for your home or office.

Roller shutters have been designed to protect against even the most determined attacks and can withstand:

  • High impacts like kicking
  • Attempts to lever them open
  • Attempts to open them using knives or other sharp implements

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Protect from Peeps and the Elements with Louvre Awnings

Louvre Awnings add a layer of security, weather protection and significant privacy. This strong, outdoors window treatment can keep airflow circulating and deflect up to 90% of the heat normally transmitted through a window. Louvres can be installed as fixed or adjustable blades/slats and are on fixed onto your home’s awning and a range of colours are available.

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Get Ultra Private with Privacy Screens

If privacy is your main concern, Privacy Screens are a secure and stylish option to keep out neighbours prying eyes, to give extra privacy in bathroom or toilet areas or create a privacy barrier between closely built dwellings.

Privacy Screens and gates are now increasingly used as features or highlights in modern architecture with Privacy Screens and gates greatly enhancing and adding value to your home. Our fixed aluminium options are ideally used as privacy screening, gate features, presentation walls or fencing.

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Venetians: Keep Onlookers Out, Privacy In 

Traditional Venetian blinds are still a winner for providing privacy, while allowing light and breeze to flow through your home. The blades design allows for rotation to suit your needs at different times of the day. Whether you need to shield your interiors from prying eyes, harsh sunlight, or control the airflow in your home or office, Venetian Blinds are one of the best window furnishings to do this.

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Enhance Privacy and Design with Curtains

Layering sheer and blackout Curtains on a double rail provides you with daytime privacy and the filtered light you need without blocking your view, while blackout curtains create night-time privacy as well as light and warmth control. Curtains aren’t just a functional installation either, but a simple way of creating a striking design aesthetic for your rooms.

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Secure in all Weather 

In severe weather events like wind, hail, thunderstorms and cyclones, windows can become quite vulnerable to any falling and flying debris, and strong winds. Shutters, roller shutters, and awnings can withstand high impacts and harsh elements, keeping your windows intact and providing excellent protection to your home and its occupants.

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