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Choosing Plantation Shutters: Do they work on all Windows?

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Or, 7 ways to explore the versatility of this popular window shutter


Plantation Shutters are a hugely popular and diverse window covering and can be installed on any size and shape of window. Do you feel overwhelmed by the range of window shutters to choose from and not sure what will suit? While there are some considerations to keep in mind, these window shutters are ultra versatile and can be installed on most homes and other dwellings. Let’s look at some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing these attractive shutters for your windows.

They’re Highly Customisable

Plantation shutters are a truly unique window shutter as each one can be custom-made to your needs and style preferences. Each one it is built to the specific measurements of each window, so it’s definitely worthwhile putting your trust in the experts at a full-service shutters and blinds installation company. These shutters are also one of the most adaptable, so it’s easy to match most styles, window sizes and shapes.

What’s your Window Size and Shape?

Accurate measurements are particularly important when it comes to strange-shaped windows, but don’t let that put you off choosing this beautiful and adaptable window treatment.

Plantation shutters are custom built to fit any size or shape of window, however it’s important to consider the space you are installing.

Some questions to consider before installing plantation shutters:

  • Consider the space. Would shutters on large sliding doors and windows of a dark lounge room make the room feel more closed in?
  • Would the installation of shutters enhance the use of the area or make it feel less welcoming?
  • Will the shutters provide the necessary privacy and/or temperature comfort desired?
  • Would the shutters add value to your home?
  • Will you enjoy the aesthetic of the shutters in years to come?

Window shutters are a major investment. It’s worth seeking guidance from an experienced window installation company like Factory Direct Shutters and Blinds to make sure you are choosing the right material, louvre style and colour scheme for your home.

A Timeless Copen-plantation-shutters-sea-view

This versatile and attractive shutter has increased in popularity dramatically since it first emerged in ancient Greece. Whereas the first shutters ever made were cast from stone with unmoveable louvres to block the harsh sea breezes, the spread  throughout Europe and all over the world and come in a broad range of materials, louvre widths and functionalities. Learn more about the origins of plantation shutters in our recent blog.

We stock the following window shutters to suit a broad range of uses:

Polyresin shutters

Adagio timber shutters

Aluminum shutters

Forte external aluminum shutters

Better Homes & Gardens recommends plantation shutters as a way of transforming the home and adding curb appeal with a bunch of great tips on styles and designs too. These window shutters suit a massive array of home styles from modern contemporary to European, traditional and sprawling country homesteads. Not only are they one of the most elegant and efficient window shutters available, they can truly improve the comfort and aesthetic of your home, adding value to it.

Is your Window Mounting Inside or Outside?

Depending on your window location and structure, plantation shutters can be installed with inside mounts or outside mounts. Both options look great, but will impact on the installation cost and aesthetic respectively. The mount suited to your window will depend on the space between the window surface and wall, known as the recess.

Let’s look at the differences between the two styles of mounting below:

Inside Mounts

Inside mounted shutters create a beautiful symmetry as they are fitted within the recessed window. Inside mounts are smaller than outside mounted shutters which reduces the installation cost.

Outside Mounts

Window shutters sometimes need to be fitted to the wall around the window on outside mounts. This means they are a bit bulkier and protrude outwards. An outside mount is perfect for windows without a deep recess.

Doorknobs, Locks and other Obstacles

Understanding how best to work around obstructions can be tricky. Door handles, window winders or locks can all be obstacles to the installation of your shutters and a professional window installer would need to be investigate this, to provide advice. If you have a window winder for example, you may need a 3-way frame built, so that your window is fully functional.

The type of frame used to install your plantation shutters depends on whether there’s an obstacle that would negatively impact their function.

Plantation shutters and other window shutters. An inside mount uses a Z or L frame, while an outside mount uses a different type of L frame. We’re here to help, so send us a photo or give our team a call on 1300 077 125.

Choosing Louvre Preferences


Louvres are the individual slats within plantation shutters, which once installed on a window shutter, let you block ou

Louvre sizes are restricted to the shutter sizes themselves with half in and half out of your window frame. The depth of your window will tell you how large half of the louver size can be for your shutters.


While many plantation shutters are controlled manually with technology always improving, in the window treatment industry, some shutter installations can have automation functionality added with smart phone apps to control them remotely. Automation can add peace of mind in stormy climates with automatic sensors able to detect motion and wind. This means you don’t have to lift a finger. The sensor can operate your automated window shutters as the weather moves in!

Key Points

  • plantation shutters are custom made
  • adaptable to your style, shape and size
  • classic design doesn’t date
  • inside mounted shutters are more discreet, but not always possible
  • different louvre options are available and dependent on your window size
  • Automation is available for shutters – ask us how


From a small decorative window to a grand picture window in your living room, plantation shutters can be installed on most sized windows in your home. You can bring the timeless elegance of plantation shutters and functionality into every room of your home.

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