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Best Shutters and Blinds for the Lounge Room

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Our loungeroom is a chillout zone, an entertaining space and a relaxed dining area, so the right comfort and style is a must. Not only is the design style of your window coverings vital in the living area, but their functionality is critical as well. Depending on your home’s aspect, sun heating up the room or cold coming through in Winter, can become quite uncomfortable and make enjoying the space impossible.


Best Blinds for the Loungeroom

Having a seamless transition from one room to the next can make a home feel more harmonious and therefore it’s much more relaxing to be in! But it can be tough knowing how to tie it all together.

What suits the bedroom may not work so well in the loungeroom or visa versa due to the purpose of the space, its location in the home plus light, comfort and security needs. Our team are expert in guiding the way, so if you feel stuck, give us a call on 1300 077 125. We bring the showroom to you.

Below are our top picks for shutters or blinds for the lounge room.



Curtains are a wonderful window covering for the lounge room to add a touch of elegance, a feeling of whimsy or simply to keep the light out and the cool or heat in. You can tailor your preferences with either minor block out using sheer curtains or with block out curtains and a sheer curtain overlay for a sheer, gentle and calming vibe.

Block out curtains help block out bright light and heat/cold powerfully, while sheer curtains suit those looking to create a light, bright and airy feeling in the room, using natural light to show off the space nicely.

Custom-made to perfectly fit your windows, our curtains are designed to beautifully filter natural light to your specifications, allowing you to see out, but reducing how much people can see in, while block out curtains transform day into night. Great for Netflix binge sessions!

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Privacy Venetians

Privacy Venetians don’t include holes in the slats, which mean they provide a closer fit and less light flow when they are closed then regular venetians, great for blocking the view to and from neighbours or adjusting the area for rest or game times.

Our privacy venetian blinds or regular venetians can be made from metal plastic or wood and come in a range of styles and decors to suit your preferred style.

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Shutters are incredibly elegant, timeless and great for controlling light and airflow. They come in a diverse range of colours, several hardy material types and can be perfect for unusual-shaped windows.

Queensland is a hot and humid state, so it’s worthwhile investing in shutters that help control sunlight and heat levels in your loungeroom too. A simple adjustment of the small-louvred shutters directs sunlight in any way you prefer, helping to regulate the temperature of your living area all year round.

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a fantastic, modern and elegant option, and can be produced with block out fabric for those times when the sun is belting in, or cold air is coming through your windows or doors making the area unbearable. Perfect for naps, privacy and reducing heat or cold.

Roman blinds are available in a wide range of fabric choices to suit the style of your home or décor.

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Panel Glide Blinds

Add a touch of elegance and calm to your lounge room with Panel Glide Blinds. Ideal for large windows or sliding doors, Panel Glide blinds are a classy and easy-to-use option for light control and privacy.

These custom-made blinds add a modern edge, functionality and versatility to your loungeroom, including the ability to create a room divider between living and dining or a home-office for example as they overlap slightly and can be configured to open and close in any direction.

Panel Glide blinds come in a vast array of fabrics and colours to reflect your preferred style and décor. They’re also available in block-out, privacy and sunscreen opacity to give your room the perfect ambience and protection.

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Working out What You Need

When choosing the best shutter or blind for your lounge room, there’s a few things worth weighing up. Here's a few questions we recommend you ask yourself when choosing the right shutters or blinds for your living space:

  • Do I want to reduce light or increase light during the day?
  • Do I need to improve privacy or is a view outside more important?
  • How easy is it to clean the shutters or blinds?
  • Do I need something with good insulation where I live to keep the heat or cold out?
  • Do I need to consider aesthetic and linking the look and feel with other parts of the house?

Outdoor Awnings and Shutters 

In addition to dressing your windows and doors inside your lounge room to enhance its comfort and aesthetic, one of the best ways to improve security, privacy and functionality is to install outdoor awnings or shutters as well as internal window dressings.

Add character and comfort with folding awnings, external shutters, roller shutters and other options to suit your home’s specific needs and style preferences. If you’re not sure what type of external awning or shutter would suit your home best, don’t worry that’s what we specialise in helping you with

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Need help with shutters and blinds in the bedroom too? Check out our advice in What Blinds are Best in the Bedroom


We’ll Help Turn your Lounge Room into the Best Place to be in the Home!

Creating the right vibe in your loungeroom can make a tremendous feeling throughout your home with just the right mix of privacy, comfort and style.

At Factory Direct Shutters and Blinds, we’ve helped thousands of people make the right choice for their homes. If you’re stuck and unsure which shutters or blinds are best for your lounge room or any other room in the house, book an in-home consultation with us today or call us on 1300 077 125.