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Best Blinds for Work to Make it Feel More Like Home

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We spend hours and hours at work, so why not make it as inviting and comfortable as our homes?

There’s loads to be gained in terms of improved productivity and enhanced mood when the right lighting and comfort are in place to create an inviting atmosphere. Blinds are available in a range of materials like wood, vinyl, PVC, aluminium and natural fabrics. Whether you’re keen to cut out the sunlight, to create privacy or create a particular vibe, there’s a solution for a range of needs and preferences. In this blog we explore the best blinds to install at work to make it feel more like home.


Panel glide blinds

Window blinds have their advantages and can become appealing design elements in their own right with the right blinds in place. Panel glide blinds are one strong option to create a beautiful and memorable design aesthetic in your workplace.

Made from a series of cloth panels that slide back and forth, they offer you optimal light control and privacy. Designed for larger windows or sliding doors, these custom-made blinds add wonderful functionality and versatility to any room with the the ability to create a room divider. They overlap slightly and can be configured to open and close in any direction.

These blinds provide a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for covering large windows or sliding doors. Check out our range of different material and colour options available for panel glide blinds like solar screen, woven fabrics, and patterned fabrics.


Curtains are stylish, convenient, affordable, and diverse in their style potentials. Fine-tune your indoor with our stylish curtains, drapery and valances. Window treatments are incredibly important for professional interior design aesthetic in the workplace and curtains can assist in creating a stunning and relaxed feel.

Get creative with curtains at work to soften harsh or sterile feeling window dressings which add beauty and framing to your windows.

Where walls once divided the space, curtain panels at workspaces can also help open and close off areas in a unique and less rigid way while also allowing for multi-purposes in an area which are warm, fun and stylish.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds use a single sheet of cloth on a roller mechanism, customised to be adjustable for different window sizes and orientations. They’re highly functional, elegant and do a fantastic job of cooling an area from the sun and creating shade. Roller blinds are made from one continuous sheet of fabric. This leads to a clutter-free, stylish look. Choose from complete blockout roller blinds, light filtering blinds, and UV protection sunscreen roller blinds.

They’re affordable, immediately make a positive impact to a space and are easy to include a install in almost any office design scheme or style. They also are available in multiple formats for extra functionality.

Blockout roller blinds are perfect for conference rooms where total light block is required. Whereas sunscreen roller blinds are recommended for workstation areas and open office spaces to keep the comfort and temperature controlled – they’re super efficient at reducing UV harm, cutting sun glare and creating warmth by blocking cold in the Winter months.

Vertical Blinds

Standard vertical blinds are available in neutral colours like grey, white and beige but to create a unique look to match your brand colours, there’s a vast range of colours to choose from. Vertical blinds popular because they’re durable, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain as their vertical design requires less cleaning. They’re perfect for larger glass windows and door areas. These blinds also provide maximum light control and are suitable for sliding doors.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds allow more control over light and privacy with their sleek, tilting blades. They’re available in several materials like wood, aluminium or PVC and can be customised to suit your office space perfectly. Aluminium venetian blinds create sleek and modern look while wooden venetians create a softer, graceful vibe. Venetian blinds are also recommended for boardrooms and CEO spaces where privacy is necessary as these blinds can be fully closed blocking any visibility into and out of the room they’re installed in.



Almost everyone has used a typical plantation shutter. They do a wonderful job of capturing  the breeze, while also allowing light to filter through or to create privacy and security. They remain a timeless and stunning solution for office window coverings. Shutters are durable, affordable, and straightforward to install.

Shutters are easy to clean and come with a range of different width options, building materials, colours and installation style treatments to transform almost any space. An added advantage of the shutter is privacy. They’re one of the best options to provide the privacy at work.


Consider the following factors when choosing blinds for your office:


Upgrading the office design

Office window blinds are typically used for privacy and security, but in order to create a professional and welcoming environment they need to be aesthetically modern too. Blinds can help transform your workspace from a sweltering hot zone with issues of privacy to one which feels somehow calmer, cooler and more functional. There’s a lot which can be done with the right window dressings!

Blocking out the surface light totally

For any sort of presentation, you’d need total light blockout and privacy. Blockout Roller blinds are an ideal solution in this case for boardrooms and meeting spaces as these blinds block light and warmth out of the space completely for total privacy.

Managing glare

While working on computers or other screens, the glare of the sun hitting the screen can become a distraction. For glare, installing adjustable internal blinds with some opacity are a wonderful solution.

Controlling the temperature 

Light filtering window shade and vertical blinds are excellent for managing the temperature. For heat reduction lighter coloured blinds are preferred as they reflect the warmth more efficiently.

Design trends at work are continually evolving and changing, but a lot of blind options are timeless in style and elegance. Consider how the location of your office and your industry could positively influence the design choices made in your window dressings. Many businesses have moved away from the attitude of maximizing the office’s physical space to embracing an employee-centric and wellbeing design. Leaders are seeking designs and window fittings to increase happiness and productivity at work and increase staff retention.

Ready to get creative in your office?

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