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A modern home is a connected home. Let’s talk Automation

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With rising energy bills and an increasing focus on sustainability in all aspects of our day to day lives, looking at how we can design our homes in a more connected and energy efficient way is becoming the new norm in 2023.

While electric gates and motorised garage doors are often a well-established, convenient entry way to our homes; and robovacs mean we can put our feet up while the floors are being cleaned, smart solutions in motorised, automated or mechanical blinds, awnings and shutters are the next step to adding sustainable design, convenience and a touch of luxury to our homes for the year ahead.

So, what are the choices when it comes to automation?

Automating your window coverings allows you to enjoy elegant, motorised solutions for blinds and awnings which can either be scheduled to intelligently open and close at certain times or under certain conditions; or to move instantly at the press of a button. Whether you’re looking to transform your interior home or office space, or to add flexibility and ease to your outdoor areas, find yourself on the cutting-edge of technology by choosing from automated options available in both indoor and outdoor solutions, including:

What does it mean to automate your blinds, awnings and shutter solutions?

Automating your window coverings is a streamlined way to add ease and convenience to your existing space. Enjoy numerous benefits including:

Comfort in a modernised home – inside and out

Amidst our busy existence, ensuring our home is a comfortable sanctuary to return to each day is key to the overall health, wellbeing and happiness of ourselves and our families. Investing in smarter shades is an incredible way to use modern technology to optimise the feel of our home environment.

Keen to wake up feeling like a movie star, opening your blinds up at the flick of a switch? Or, interested in keeping your home at the perfect temperature throughout the day? Well, automation allows for this – simply by creating unique, dynamic modes that seamlessly raise or lower shades throughout the day, your home’s natural climate can regulate dependent on outside temperature, time or the sun’s location. Depending on the system you choose, all of this can be quite literally at your fingertips, controlled via a range of options including a dedicated remote, or even via a smartphone app on your phone or tablet.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

Smart triggers, schedules, timers and sensors, ensure your shades move to optimise your home’s energy efficiency. So, what does this mean?

During these hot summer days, a dynamic shading system of blinds or shutters can be set up to cover your windows in times of intense heat, effortlessly creating a comfortable, shaded sanctuary inside your home.

Likewise, as the seasons change and the temperatures cool, automatically raising all the shades in a home to absorb as much sun light as possible can significantly reduce the amount of internal heating that is needed during the winter months.

Your shades can be set to effortlessly adjust themselves if your connected devices sense a shift in temperature, light or your location. That’s right, automating your window coverings leads to saving money on your energy bills while also reducing environmental impact!


Ever feel nervous about locking up your house and leaving it empty while you’re away on holiday or a work trip? By automating your blinds and shutters to close in the evenings on a set schedule and open again each morning, you can easily create a sense of the house being occupied – and keep your home feeling fresh and bright inside for your return. Now that’s a simple solution.

Get our free, expert advice and bring your home into 2023.

If you are looking for convenience, quality and reliability, paired with expert advice – look no further than Factory Direct’s automation solutions. We have the widest range of motorised, automated or mechanical blinds, awnings and shutters available on the market. For peace of mind, Factory Direct also offers a five-year warranty on all motorised products. So you can enjoy incredible ease and convenience in your home or office with the best in innovative technology right at your fingertips.

Are you ready to bring your home into 2023? We can help you select the best solutions to automate your window coverings and bring the ultimate in comfort, convenience and energy savings.

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